Our Activites


The goal of life according to the Vaishnava, or Krishna conscious, teaching is to awaken within each soul knowledge of their original spiritual nature.


ISKCON has created a community for artists called VANDE ( Vaisnava Arts for a New Devotional Era), The aim to attract the public and patrons of arts through quality presentations.


The power of sound is profound and tangible, yet also mystical. The ancient Sanskrit books of spiritual knowledge, prescribe invoking our original blissful spiritual.


ISKCON Food for Life program, known locally as Annamrita, actually facilitates many poor children to attend school. Otherwise, they explain, without the program the children would be forced to work as child laborers.


Festivals are an integral part of ISKCON. With myriad of colourful decorations, multi-course feasts, elaborate rituals, kirtans, dance and dramas, the festivals makes spiritual progress a fun-filled experience.


The cow is considered one of our mothers, as she gives us her milk and thus nutures our health and well being. Just as no civilized person would injure or kill their mother.


In ISKCON agricultural communities or eco-villages, we emphasize the importance of spiritual ecology: the necessity to measure consonant with ourselves, nature and therefore the divine. These rural communities promote resilience and spirituality - supported the principle of respect for all living things..


Every Sunday may be a celebration at an ISKCON temple. With delicious multi-course vegetarian meals, music, dance and spiritual discussion, the guests can experience the world’s oldest cultural tradition. The programme provides a chance to find out about the life-style and culture of these who practice Bhakti Yoga.


For millennia, the teachings and rich culture of bhakti yoga or Krishna consciousness are hidden within India. Today many people round the world thank Srila Prabhupada for revealing to the planet the eternal wisdom of bhakti.


Abhay Charan De was born as a young man in Calcutta on September 1, 1896 and joined Mahatma Gandhi’s direct action movement. In 1922, a gathering with the famous scientist and spiritual mentor Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati had an enormous impact on the longer term vocation of the young Abhay.

Bhaktivedanta Swami